I teach students and parents how to get scholarships. Statistics show that over 44 million Americans hold nearly $1.5 trillion in student debt, according to CNBC. My vision for Securing Degrees Debt Free is to be a service where students can get essay editing, "scholarship tutoring", and mentorship throughout the scholarship and college process. Scholarships are easy to access, but the problem is students do not know how to fill out the applications to win the scholarships and that’s where I come in!

CEO, Founder

Victoria Lamar

University of San Francisco


How WE Can Help You?

Do you want to find out how Securing Degrees can benefit you? Looking for your next guest speaker? Do you want to host a Securing Degrees Debt Free Seminar in your city? ...
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Securing Degrees Debt Free

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Victoria Lamar





San Francisco, California

Atlanta, Georgia